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Music is beautiful and your style should be reflected in your wedding. But a wedding is about two people, two voices, so why not two instruments? The harp lends itself to joining with several other instruments in duos and trios. Elizabeth is happy to work with your vocalist or instrumentalist, however if you are looking for something extra special, please consider harp and flute, harp and violin, harp and cello, or harp, flute and violin. Even a quartet is possible to make the event of your dreams extraodinary and distinctive.  Elizabeth continues to work with the best musicians in Indianapolis!
I also support many local vendors in the area.  Still need help with your wedding?  Let me help you find exactly what you need. 
Professionals that know each other and work together can make your wedding day or event run more smoothly.  
Vendor referrals a huge part of my business and
I appreciate the support of those that have hired me for their events and recommended me to others.